The music for Justice for Sergei was composed and performed by award winning Dutch bass player Tony Overwater. His sound and unique way of playing have established him as a key player in the European Jazz world. As a composer Tony writes for a wide variety of musical settings. Besides composing for the bands he leads and works with, Tony writes for modern dance, documentaries and movies. More information on Tony Overwater can be found here.

In performing the music for Justice for Sergei, Tony Overwater collaborated with Maarten Ornstein. He plays bass clarinet and tarogato on the soundtrack of Justice for Sergei. Maarten Ornstein is also a composer and arranger. He leads the avantgarde funk ensemble DASH! and is co-leader of the contemporary jazz group Jungle Boldie.

The music of the film is available free of charge for personal use:
1. Opening theme
2. The Investigation
3. The City Sleeps
4. Underground
5. To be or not to be
6. Road to injustice
7. Merry go round
8. Discomfort
9. Locked in
10. Heaven & Hell
11. Prayer
12. Requiem for Sergei
13. Theme for Sergei
Tony Overwater